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Dave is straight to the point. No beating about the bush with this fella. He says it how it is and that is the way it is. Thank you Dave


Welcome to UK Fathers™ (Family Lawyers)

Family law solicitors are no longer a necessity in family courts. Please do not think that because you have to go to court, that you need to hire an expensive solicitor at £150 an hour or more.

You certainly do not need  a Solicitor at all, to start things off or to move matters forward.

UK Fathers™ can help you in a number of matters. We are not solicitors but can supply assistance across England and Wales.

UK Fathers™ are here to help your children to see you at a much lower cost than solicitors.

UK Fathers™ advocate on behalf of non-residential parents and grandparents seeking to maintain a meaningful and responsible relationship with their children and grandchildren after family break down or divorce.

If you are a parent, regardless of gender, grandparent or even a sibling, UK Fathers™ can help. We can assist in England and Wales both by helping with paperwork, emails, letters and in court and in Scotland by paperwork, emails and letters.


Please have a look around our website.


Our business hours are:

Monday – Friday 9am-6pm.
Phones will be switched off outside of those times, unless by prior arrangement. 

We are primarily based in Buckinghamshire and Lancashire.

  • UK Fathers™ and ukfathers.co.uk, is not affiliated to any Yahoo group or any Twitter account. UK Fathers™ are not solicitors.
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